Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who's Gonna Run This Town?

I have been a long time Jay-Z fan and a huge fan of the second single off of the upcoming Blueprint 3. The song, "Run This Town," is one of those love it or hate it tracks, anyone in between doesn't really care about music. And anyone who has a crew of people surrounding them that are planning, hard working, grinding or just good at what they do, can feel this song. It's all about a takeover, so what do you run?

Watching this video you can see how Jay-Z has evolved from "Big Pimpin" to the now. The concept is clear cut, the esthetic is dark, it's straight to the point and all about the uprising. Vive la revolution!! I mess with this video!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Diva on a Dime

With Morgan's semester about to begin, who better to be my newest Diva on a Dime, but a fellow Morganite. Introducing....

Name: Briana bka Brieyonce LOL.
Age: 20
Hometown: Middletown, Delaware

What makes you a Diva on a Dime?:
I'm all about style and all about saving. I call it being a Recessionista. I study high fashion magazines and scope out duplicates at bargain stores. I'm not afraid to shop at discount stores. If it's cute, it's cute. No one's looking at my tags.

What's your personal style?: Urban Chic, when the catwalk meets the sidewalk.

Closet Must haves:
Cardigans, tanks & tees and classic black pumps.

Favorite spots to shop:
Forever21, H&M, Target, Old Navy, Bakers.

Spots to chill:
Lounges and bars.
How do you save?: I save buy shopping online and at cheap trendy stores.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Be or Not to Be?: Natural Hair Edition

While being green, eco-friendly and all about Mother Earth is becoming more and more widespread, I've decided to apply the concept of naturality to myself in another sense. Going natural is never an easy decision to make, simply because the process itself is a journey. And with my second attempt to embrace the curly goodness that I was born with, I've found inspiration in my family, friends and the good ole internets, lol.

One of my Leading Ladies/N-Sistas from Morgan has recently began documenting her journey and had being doing it with so much personality. Miss Donna Jenay herself [read her blog] has made transitioning about dating your hair. She's all about getting to know her hair, it's likes and dislikes and loving her hair. Girl, yes!
My Mom, sister and Auntie Marie all have locs and I've always appreciated their beautiful hair. My best friend, Diana, has also been transitioning [longer than I have], but is handling it in a different approach. I mostly wear my hair out and she, being the more clever, has found a home in the kinky twist protective style. But we're both learning how to take care of our God-given hair.
Every now and then I'll give an update on the progress of my hair, struggles, products and all that jazz lol. No more creamy crack!!

In spirit of all this hair talk, here's the trailer for Chris Rock's Good Hair. Enjoy!

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