Friday, July 3, 2009

Diva on a Dime

This is a new feature that I'm bringing to you lovelies. We are most definitely in a recession [RIP Vibe Magazine], so why not share ways you save money while still being a diva!

Name: Diana
Age: 21
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

What makes you a Diva on a Dime?: I'll scour the world for sales and bargains. Signing up for email notifications is my best friend! You'd be amazed how many coupons and free events you'll receive just for signing up for a free newsletter.

What's your personal style?: Urban Prep

Favorite spots to shop: Old Navy, Forever 21, Payless.

Closet Must Haves: Cardigans and flip-flops!

Spots to chill: Clubs and Lounges.

How do you save?: Look through the clearence and sale sections. Also, shopping online. Believe it or not there are a lot of online-exclusives and stores like Old Navy and the Gap combine shipping for a flat rate. I'm signed up at and they send me invites to different clubs and lounges. By RSVPing I can get into some of New York's hottest spots for free.

bisou bisou

Entertainment Rundown

Just some random Hollywood happenings and of course my input!

♠ I can go on and on about how trash the BET Awards were, but I barely have the energy. But I will say this!

-Jamie, the all purpose host, smh pick a job
-Performances were dry, with the exception of Soulja Boy, the entire Ojay's tribute and performance, Jay, Maxwell & Ne-Yo.
-Who let Ciara sing? She can dance, let her do that.
-I'm still curious as to what Beyonce was going to do prior to MJ's passing. DRY!
-Commericals were wild, everyone has a show. When am I getting mine?
-MJ tributes could've been way better, period!

♠ Next up, the dreaded Drake video. The highly anticipated "Best I Ever Had" video was finally released and I must say it's a love or hate situation. The storyline of the video was clever, but the correlation to the song was barely there. Kanye's cinematography was enjoyable, but there were more than enough breasts in that video. My opinion? Better luck next time, I'm sure I'll "thank him later." Take a look for yourself.

♠ No, I have not seen the Tiny & Toya show. I think I'm subconsciously boycotting that show. I've had more than enough BET intake as it is. It's time to gain my IQ points back.

♠ Usher is questioning the paternity of his younger son, Naviyd. Smh, not suprised.

Well, that's all for now lovelies. Au revoir!

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