Saturday, September 20, 2008

Personal Update

My friend Shay, known on campus as Miss Morgan State University [lol], is going to compete in the Miss HBCU pageant in ATL next week and I just want to wish her the absolute best of luck!! I know she'll make us all proud. She's the dopest! Keep setting that standard and show them what great Morgan women are about!

Tomorrow, I begin my two month countdown to my 21st birthday. I'm totally excited and dreading it all the same. Maybe somehow, just somehow, everything will go miraculosly well and I'll have stories to tell. We'll see, lol. Oh, by the way, though quite cheesy, 21 things to do before 21! I could use some suggestions. Stay tuned for dress options and all that fun stuff in the near future.

I'm thinking of starting a YouTube concept just yet, but it'll come!

bisou bisou

Monday, September 15, 2008

Like Holy Scheiβe!!

So, one of my favorite celebs, Miss Jennifer Hudson, won't be a "Miss" for long. The web had already been buzzing about her super on-the-low relationship with Punk from Season 2 of I Love NY and they've been dating less than a year. Well, according to they're engaged! Like, who knew?

My fellow Haitian American, Wyclef Jean partnered with Matt Damon went down to Haiti and set up food distribution to those devasted by the disastrous weather. Good looks on that philanthropy.

Did anyone else see Tyra's scary psycho face at the Calvin Klein's Spring '09 show? Eeeekk!!! I love her but why Tyra? Why? But to cancel out how mean that sounded here's one of my FAVORITE shots of her.

Some Morgan State nouvelle: The first football game of the year the Morgan Bears smashed the North Carolina Central Eagles. Good way to start off the season. Hope you guys do the same at Winston-Salem!!

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