Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well, It's Back to School Time

Fall semester is upon us!! Personally, I returned to campus in Baltimore yearning to start the new year, but wishing I had an extra week home. Anywho, along with the music and random happenings and thoughts, I'll also be posting some school update stuff. So, this should be quite interesting.

I'm unpacked, excited and ready to yell and scream until I get all my classes back! : ]
Meanwhile, here's my list of what I think is hot for the fall.

  1. Paisley & raw silk scarves
  2. All American & Uniform Prep pieces [i.e. Gossip Girl]
  3. Fall TV!! Um, Gossip Girl of course : ] & ANTM :this season has a transgender contestant!:
  4. L'Oreal's H.I.P. Jelly Balm
  5. Miss Dior Cherie fragrance
  6. The Return of the Black Model [Hooray for the Jourdan Dunns & Chanel Imans!]
  7. Sol-Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams on the iTunes playlist
  8. The 5th Anniversary of Fashion Rocks on 9pm CBS Sept. 9th
  9. Boys that study in the library
  10. Post-Colonial African Literature [i.e. Things Fall Apart & The Rape of Shavi]

There'll be more to come for sure!!

Bonne Chance ::Good Luck:: to all the scholars!! A's for everyone! lol

bisou bisou

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Question Is

When will the ever faithful receive their reward?

When actions make a believer become an infidel
And patience wears thin
And sanity dwindles
And they discredit the naysayers in their uncertainty
The faithful begin to wonder
What have they really been waiting for all along
And they kneel in prayer, as the ever faithful do
And beg for a sign that they are doing the right thing
And continue on believing that one day, they'll receive what they've given

Some more dope music with a video in the bckgrnd... Estelle ft. Cee-Lo "Pretty Please"

bisou bisou

Monday, August 18, 2008


People tend to underestimate the power of words. A lot people say actions speak louder than words, but I feel that words just hold a totally different type of strength. Actions can get you into trouble, but words can get you out of it. Words can destroy a person's character or be encouraging. Well, my point is that words can really make or break things.

Recently, I've been taking a lot of heed to what people have to say. It's amazing what people will tell you, if you listen. Life stories, subconscious confessions, flattery... everything. They're sealed in the good ol' memory bank ;].

Just some thoughts... Listening is a strength and don't forgot the words you hear.
BTW.. Here's Solange's newest video, "Sandcastle Disco." ENJOY!

bisou bisou