Saturday, August 30, 2008

Wooooh...on the DNC tip!

Sorry for the neglect this week! But the first week of school is always hectic and I've totally been distracted by the Democratic National Convention and the other political happenings.

Michelle Obama is nothing short of eloquent and graceful and might I add the Jackie O. of 21st century. Impeccable! Now, on to the man of the moment. Barack Obama just carries that incredible, majestic air about him. People have been going wild about how comparable to the "I Have a Dream" speech his nomination acceptance was. That just holds a lot of weight when it comes to inspiritional influence. And I feel he was quite specific regardless of commentary that has been made. Do not, I repeat, please do not watch Fox News as a source for anything; let's just throw the word biased out there. But on a lighter note, a lot of people have also noticed how fresh Barack's line up and how official Michelle's round brush blow out were. I'm just saying, I'm cosigning with the masses, gotta stay fly. Obama Biden '08. If you haven't yet, I beg of you to register to vote. And to all the students out there, get your absentee ballots early!!

Now you know I couldn't talk about the DNC without mentioning the Republican publicity stunt that is the choosing of Sarah Palin as a Vice Presidential candidate. I'm not gonna go in too deep because that's just giving more unnecessary shine to the opposition, but what the hell?!?!? Everyone's first reaction was Sarah who? The public is not stupid, we all see right through the scheme. Republicans are just sneaky with the tactics, appealing to the white middle class of middle American swing states. Don't be fooled people!!

:: Side note :: I'm taking German this semester, so be prepared, lol. ::

And a small music mention, Brandy's "Right Here (Departed)" is dope!!!

bisou bisou
auf wiedersehen