Saturday, April 11, 2009

Like, Where've You Been?

Everyone's been asking, where's miss.εmmε™, where's miss.εmmε™? And what is up with no updates? Well, I'm right here lovelies! And the updates will follow.

Morgan State University has been providing my life with more than enough unnecessary drama. I've learned a couple lessons from this week:

1-People will do things sheerly because they have the power to.
2-People love power.
3-People will make things about them, when it has nothing to do with them [such a huge ego!].
4-At the end of it all, when all these terrific people do what they do, you just have to continue to do what you do! [RELOADED]

Now, that that's over let's get to the good stuff!

Special Happy Birthday to one of my favorite munchkins! Happy 5th Birthday, Tivon!

bisou bisou