Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My New Personal "It Girl"

Although, I have eternally loved Rihanna and she's just THE girl on the scene right now, I've come to find a new "It Girl." Solange!! and I must admit I was one of those naysayers when she first came out as an artist, but I feel this time around she's really come into her own and is no longer "Beyonce's little sister".

I'm an avid CL* reader and I've really taken notice of everything that's posted about her. Musically, her vocals are fresh, the music has that old school vibe and she's a great writer. I definitely dig her songs "ChampagneChronicNightCap", "Sandcastle Disco" and "T.O.N.Y", just along with the single "I Decided." Solange's style is just that quirky, glam, ever-so-slightly left of the trends and I dig it from the big hair right down to the YSL Spectator pumps. She's most definitely weird, but in the coolest way. And she curses like a sailor, but in a pretty girl voice. There you go, Solange Knowles, my new favorite starlet!

*CL=Concrete Loop*

Check out her blog and look out for her music, the album, Sol-Angel & the Hadley Street Dreams drops August 26th! The video for "Sandcastle Disco" premieres this Friday, August 16th on FN MTV.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Music!! [with videos in the bckgrnd]

Okay so, pretty much anyone who knows me knows I'm like a Pharrell and Kanye junkie.

I've been bumping to the "Everyone Nose" rmx for a minute now, but video's only been out about 2 weeks. Hype Williams masters another one!

And I, also, absolutely dig Kanye's newest video for "Champion.'' So Crank Yankers! Check it out...

&& congrats y kudos to the U.S. Olympic Relay Swim Team [Cullen Jones, Michael Phelps & the other 2 guys =x]... Watch the Olympics, its dope!
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Drummer's Grove

Hi!!! Okay, soo nerdy, but this is my first entry. Here goes nothing...

Sunday [which was rainy -_-]*, I headed out to Drummer's Grove at Prospect Park and suprisingly had a lot of fun. It was sort of inspiring to see all these old heads and little kids just dancing and getting dirty, like totally uninhibited. I feel like somehwere between 6 & 65, we lose what's so cool about us in our freedom, just being painfully aware of ourselves. I feel like sometimes you need to remember you're alive and just have a good dance in the dirt to drums on a rainy day. You'll feel better, I promise. It's Tuesday!! That means free admittance to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden!! lol... Well, that's all... *I absolutely, utterly hate the rain and all forms of precipritation*

au revoir
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