Friday, April 24, 2009

MTB4!!...Out the Door?

Now, everyone and their mother tuned into MTV last night to watch the season finale of Making the Band 4. I don't know about anyone else, but I do know I watch to see what foolishness and pointless stories would leave the mouths of the girls that used to be Danity Kane.

We can all say that Day26 was not even all that memorable and the performances were subpar. But Q's dance lessons did pay off [lol] and wth was up with Will's patent leather/snakeskin/shiny-as-hell hat and jacket. I'm just saying.

Donnie Klang? Another Bad Boy slave. Point blank, period.

Now for the lovely young ladies formerly known as Danity Kane. DWoods was just rude the entire night and what was that on her head! But I'm extremely glad she stopped wearing sneakers with dresses. Dawn looked a million times better with the haircut. There was an insane amount tension between Dawn and Aubrey, so much so that Dawn switched seats with DWoods. Aubrey, Aubrey, Aubrey... I love her and hate her at the very same time. Seems that she's finalized her transition from normal person to Barbie. Shannon didn't get a word in edge wise. And lastly, Aundrea didn't bother to show and that says a lot. But my final conclusions are that...

DWoods: thought her getting kicked out of the was about her and it really wasn't. And she's got a crazy ego [note her need to call Dawn out on a solo project before she plugged her own]. She definitely has something to prove.

Dawn: Everyone saw it coming... solo projects. The End.
Aubrey: I would really like to know who gave her a show and found it hilarious that Diddy declared he wanted a cut. DK was just a stepping stone for her and she knew that from the beginning. Why didn't anyone else?

Shannon: She just wanted her life back.

Aundrea: Clearly, she was content with her career as part of DK and her music career will have ended there as well. I'd be surprised if she became successful with any type of solo project.

With that, I'm ready for Making the Band 5. How about you?

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Miss Monroe for Ya!

If you're my FB friend, you've probably seen this quote, but I really like it. So, I decided to share it with you lovelies! Miss Marilyn Monroe let it slip through her lips.
"Sometimes good things fall apart, so that better things can fall together."

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brand New: Who's Hot

Hey lovelies! Got a feature for you all. Every week I'll be posting the hot male and female celebs that are out and about. And always feel free to submit who you think is "Who's Hot" worthy.

This week's hot female celeb is [drumroll....] Zoe Saldana. In this pic she was out in Berlin promoting Star Trek. The red, asymmetrical dress is bad on the former ballerina.
This week's hot male celeb is the Louis Vuitton Don himself, Mr. West! This is one of the few promo shots for his line of Louis footwear featuring model/girlfriend Amber Rose. It's hot.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer Trend #1 : Brights

Now, bright colors for summer isn't really a trend, but more of a tradition. So let's see where the brights are for Summer '09. So, here we go:

#1 Nails:
Now crazy colored nails have been hot for a minute, due to the likes of Rihanna and others, but this trend seeped right through into this summer season. My personal suggestion, don't be afraid to try white. It's clean, bright and still funky, without blinding the public.

#2 Patterns: Bright, abstract and floral patterns have landed themselves on summer dresses and lightweight blouses everywhere. Paired with thin cardigan or a great solid short, you're ready for a casual evening out. Even tossing a bright, patterned silk scarf will turn an outfit up.

#3 Hair: Shorter, brighter hair seems to happen every summer whether it be an overall color change or some simple highlights. This winter I went dark and short, but this summer seems to bring on the longer styles as well. I mean, everyone is growing out their Rihanna haircuts lol.

So, lovelies look out for Summer Trend #2 coming soon.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Till the Casket Drops

The Clipse hasn't been in the limelight for a minute now and I personally miss them. Lord Willin', released Summer 2002, gave the Clipse a couple of hits, including "Grindin" and "When's the Last Time." They even got some shine on JT's single "Like I Love You." Hell Hath No Fury didn't really pop in sales as their second album, but was a well respected effort and got a lot of critical acclaim as a real Hip-Hop album. Not to mention "Mr. Me Too" was definitely one of faves in '06. Now, the Hip-Hop duo has released the Kanye West assisted "Kinda Like a Big Deal" off of their upcoming album, Till the Casket Drops. I mess with it! Check it out below!

And just as an added treat, I'll toss in a throwback video... "Wamp, Wamp" ft. Slim Thug. Enjoy!

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